Do you think India and Africa have a promising shared future?

If you think so, then lend us your support. INDIAFRICA is looking to create multiple engagement platforms to connect the youth, institutions, organisations, businesses and individuals through contests, events, collaborative projects and exchanges.

If you are part of a local community, then share the INDIAFRICA information amongst the members. If you are an educator and a teacher, then inform the students about the contests and the alumni about the Young Visionaries Fellowship programme. Spread the word and help the deserving youth in your region to participate in this unique opportunity to showcase their brilliant young minds. Facilitate and promote the activities of noble organisations in your neighbourhood amidst the INDIAFRICA network.

And if you want to feature as one of INDIAFRICA’s friend in the social media community, then do send us your portrait picture and your vision for INDIAFRICA and feature in our long continuing I LOVE INDIAFRICA campaign. Join the campaign here.

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